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Daily Percent Change 1.0 (MT5)

FileName: Daily Percent Change 1.0.zip
Platform: Metatrader 5
FileType: .mql5 / .ex5 / .zip
How: Install Metatrader 5 Custom Indicators

Download Daily Percent Change 1.0.zip

Download Daily Percent Change 1.0 indicator for MT5

File size: 49.4 kb

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Trade on the NFP Release

Trade on the NFP Release

Introduction The level of non-farm employment change, also known as the non-farm payrolls or the NFP is one of the most high-valued indicators in the economic calendar. Traders and investors give it the same level of importance as to the monetary policy meetings and speeches by the heads of the central banks. This indicator makes the market very volatile, and you can create a profitable strategy based on it. FBS analysts will explain to you what strategy is more suitable for trading NFP. What are the non-farm payrolls and when they are released? Non-farm employment change represents the change in the number of employed people during the previous month, excluding those who work in the farming industry. The more people are employed, the better the economic conditions are. If the economy is growing, companies hire more people. When people get jobs and stability, they start to spend their additional income and therefore, it boosts the economy. On the other hand, unfavorable economic situation drives firms to employ fewer people and even fire some of their workers. Thus, people lose their income and start to spend less money. It reduces the overall consumer spending and, as a result, the economy slows