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Symbol Name On Chart (MT5)

FileName: Symbol-Name-On-Chart.zip
Platform: Metatrader 5
FileType: .mql5 / .ex5 / .zip
How: Install Metatrader 5 Custom Indicators

Download Symbol-Name-On-Chart.zip

Download Symbol Name On Chart indicator for MT5

File size: 33.3 kb

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Gambit Strategy: Balance of Risk and Gain

Gambit Strategy: Balance of Risk and Gain

Gambit trading strategy is a bold attempt to gain maximum profit while not losing sight of risk. Please consider that it may take a lot of time for this strategy to work. Thus, arm yourself with patience. The good thing is that this strategy is worth it: you can get a big profit from waiting for the right moment to enter without taking additional risks. The strategy was created by Walter T. Downs, a dedicated chess-player and mathematician, for calm and lucrative trading on D1 timeframe. But it turned out that it works on H4, too. The only indicator you need to enter the market is Bollinger bands. If there is a bullish trend – you should Buy on rollbacks from the upper Bollinger line. If there is a bearish trend - Sell on rebounds from the lower line. SELL Signal The minimum and maximum of the "signal" candlestick (2) should be above the minimum and maximum of the previous candlestick (1). The close price of the signal candlestick should be in the lower part of the candle’s range. Central Bollinger line should be moving down for at least 10 days in a row. If all requirements are met, we